Customizable Catering

The Challenge

Having been to numerous events ourselves we know that food can either make or break that special gathering. It’s a huge challenge getting the right mix of flavours, catering for dietary needs, and keeping costs within the budget. We recognize the challenge that customers face hence would like to work with you to find a solution that will make your event memorable.

The Solution

Partner with us! Using whole food ingredients we can design a menu that will tantalize your taste buds and make your event all the more memorable. We can also help set-up the venue, order crockery, staff the event and basically make sure everything runs well with the food dimension of your event.


Email Us Your Details

First gather together all the details for your event such a food ideas, how much you want to spend per head, location, whether you would want service etc. Send us those details via email.

Creative Consultation

Next step- a face to face consultation or phone call with you. We will help you brainstorm and articulate how you want your event to look/feel when it comes to food. Once all the details are hashed out we then go to work to design you a delicious menu.

We Make Your Food

Once you are happy with the menu, details are finalized and we get in the kitchen to make your food. All that’s left then is for you to relax and enjoy your event, knowing that you and your guests are going to be nourished and energized with amazing food!

Looking for fresh, creative and natural menu items for a special event or home delivery? Trying to find meal options for particular dietary needs such as gluten or lactose intolerance, vegan or Paleo diets, food sensitivities, or a GAPS, SCD or other specific dietary protocols? Look no further.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist I highly endorse the Water Shed Arts Cafe’s whole food approach and clear understanding of and tasty personalized creations for a wide range of dietary needs. And as a huge fan of family and celebration I couldn’t be happier with the amazingly delicious and health-filled food the Watershed has provided on the times we’ve had them cater for family weddings and other special events. Their blending of sound food and special diet knowledge with flavour and creativity makes the Watershed Arts Cafe’s Whole Food Customizable Catering both my own “go-to” choice for catering as well as my top recommended caterer for clients and friends.

Brenda Wollenberg BSW RHN

Registered Hoslitic Nutritionist / Entrepreneur, In Balance Lifestyle Management

What do we mean by whole foods?

Whole food is food that has been refined or processed as little as possible. We begin with whole foods and then showcase their flavours in dishes that bring life to the whole person – body, mind, soul and spirit. This approach to food enables us choose what is in our food and allows us to customize it to specific dietary needs.

We are so grateful to The Water Shed Arts Cafe for catering our wedding rehearsal dinner and reception desserts.  It was amazing to find a caterer who really understood a wide variety of dietary concerns and could take each and every one into account.  The food was fantastic, especially the desserts and cake which were beautifully crafted and SO delicious.  We continue to hear rave reviews from our guests! We highly recommend The Water Shed.

Rob & Amanda Ford

Events we have catered

Carla & Dave's Wedding Cake & Desserts

Dietary requirements
No berries, nuts, dairy, gluten

Dessert Menu
We designed a bite sized dessert buffet.
– Decadent chocolate cake with a vegan ‘cream cheese’ icing
– Fudge Brownies
– Rich dark chocolate mouse with mango puree
– Coconut Lemon tarts

Wedding Cake
Two tier decadent chocolate cake with a vegan ‘cream cheese’ icing

$10 per person
$300 wedding cake

Angie's Kids Party

Dietary requirements
No sugar

Party Menu
We designed an alternative fast food buffet.
– Mini sliders (housemade beef patties on fresh wholegrain buns with optional cheese)
– Pizza bites
– Potato wedges (yam & white potato) with housemade sugar free ketchup
– Veggie skewers with housemade aioli dip
– Coconut banana icecream with fresh fruit

Birthday Cake
Lemon sponge with chocolate icing

$16 per person

James & Christine's Anniversary

Dietary requirements
No nighshades, no dairy, no gluten, no nuts, no beans, no pork

Anniversary meal
We designed a hearty homestyle buffet.
– Chicken and artichoke dish
– Mushroom risotto
– Honey roasted beets and carrots
– Fresh citrus green salad with green goo
– Eton Mess (pavalova, coconut custard and fresh fruit)

$27 per person

Karla's 40th Birthday Party

Dietary requirements
No nuts

Birthday dinner
We designed a dinner based on this wonderful ladies favourite foods.
– Fresh green salad with green goo
– Moroccan Lamb
– Mashed potato
– Yorkshire pudding
– Sautéed kale and mushrooms
– Lamb gravy

– Chocolate mousse with pomegranate jelly
– Apple galette
– Chai creme brûlée
– Coconut vanilla creme brûlée

$55 per person

Tim's Construction Crew Bi-Weekly Breakfast
Tim and his crew of 20 guys enjoy breakfast with us at the Water Shed every couple of weeks. Here’s a couple of examples of the breakfasts we have catered. Dietary requirements None Breakfast menu No 1. French toast with bacon, fruit sauce, fresh fruit, whipped cream, and maple syrup. Freshly brewed coffee No 2. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, jam, peanut butter Freshly brewed coffee Budget $11-15 per person

A word about costing

Many people underestimate the cost of catering. At the Water Shed we believe in whole food locally sourced ingredients therefore this quality is reflected in the cost of our food. Jenn will always design a menu for you in light of your budgetary needs and food desire. However please bear in mind that we will not cut corners and use ingredients that don’t reflect our value for good whole food.

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